Monday, March 24, 2008


'It is through joy that you will try hard to understand the pure in general, men and all living beings; it is thanks to this joy that you will grasp all what is essential and characteristic, all of the successive chains: repeat to yourself in their conjunction all of the parts that make up this chain, until living perception bursts forth once again more objectively than thought, through joy, before the need arises; intelligence, which proceeds only from necessity, is always biased.
Still, at other times, looking out to sea, I think I am seeing my life over again, its ebb and flow, its happiness and mourning, and I think I hear.'

in Birth to Presence by Jean-Luc Nancy - page 81

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Julia Stüssi said...

Hölderlin rules.

I stole my first few links from your linklist...

Yes, me too, i decided to not resist blogging anymore.

Hope you are fine, would love to chat (in real life, not virtual) with you and know what you're busy thinking and doing and where you are.

julia (blog: zhwimago)