Thursday, May 31, 2007


written in 2004, mid-way through my studies at ArtEZ, task proposed by João da Silva

what ought we to do when we are at leisure?

what are the implications of the glass architecture that surrounds us?

what if history is not being taught anymore at schools?

what if perception is reduced to simple absorption of daily life shocks?

is there hope?

what about the responsibility of being hungry?

what about taking a closer look?

does the eye go blind when it only wants to see why?

what if all what is solid melts into air?

is there any one-way trajectory?

what do we speak about when we speak about love?

is it a long and widening road?

how much can one choose?

lifelessness in movement, or how do the dead move?

waiting for or waiting upon?

can we possess life?

is confusion the sign of our times?

how similar is octopuses´escape behavior, from the purely physical point of view, to the escape behavior of, say, middle-aged, middle-class American males?

how to accumulate?

how to practice?

what about taking some distance?

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