Thursday, October 12, 2006

Odin Week

This is what is left on the stage when Itsi Bitsi is over.

Here follow some of my notes from the first talk with Eugenio Barba:
in theatre - (1) an emotional need to leave the 'safe' and (2) an alive universe of stimuli, imagination. Theatre has to do with sensuality, with bodies and with having an impact on other bodies - spectators.
Actors are living books. Tacit knowledge, a sort of knowledge that can not be formulated, nor taught. The real knowledge has to be incorporated.
The beginning of Odin Theatre: an orfan who wants to escape from the suffocating burgeois environment in South of Italy. To become an immigrant, loosing one's language. Starting as amateur.
You are what you do. Code of excellence.
See through the illusions: there is a lot of work, solitude and abdications behind the easinesss of it.

Below: Rusti, Augusto, Mykalle, Barba, Gustavo, Loren, Chuca, Alejandra, Nathalie & Deise

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Deise said...

Ah, que saudade desgracada! O Odin ficou em mim para sempre.